Couples Calendar - Journey of Intimacy

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Experience a unique journey through the dimensions of love with our exclusive Love Calendar - a bridge between everyday life and tantra.

Create deeper bonds with your partner, discover erotic heights and strengthen your relationship with 25 exciting and sensual gaps filled with invaluable exercises and insights.

💜 25 Exciting Hatches To Open

🎧 6 Guided Exercises

✨ Perfect For All Kinds Of Couples

🥰 Guaranteed to Improve Your Relationship

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Give new life to your relationship with our Love Calendar

In every relationship there is a need for constant growth and flourishing. With over 15 years of experience leading workshops, retreats and courses, we have gathered the most powerful tools and exercises to help you build a relationship that not only survives, but thrives.

Our Love Calendar contains 25 present and thoughtful exercises, guided audio sessions and digital immersions, all for you to gain new perspectives on each other and rekindle the spark that may fade over time.

More than just a calendar - an experience to experience together

Don't think this calendar is just about an exciting countdown. It's designed to be started at any time of the year, making it the perfect gift when you want to ignite a new spark in your relationship.

Contents - treasures of intimacy behind every hatch

  • 25 exciting hatches waiting to be opened
  • 6 guided audio exercises presented by Aurora Georgijevic
  • QR codes that lead to digital exercises and deepening
  • A collection of carefully selected sensual, sexual and romantic exercises
  • Luxurious packaging with sophisticated gold details
  • Universal - fits everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation

All this is put together by Aurora Georgijevic, an experienced expert in tantra with over 18 years of experience in holding courses, retreats and workshops.


  • 25 exciting hatches to open
  • 6 guided audio exercises with Aurora Georgijevic
  • QR codes that give you digital exercises and deepening.
  • Carefully selected sensual, sexual and romantic exercises
  • Can be started at any time during the year
  • Luxurious packaging with gold details
  • Suitable for everyone regardless of gender and sexual orientation

    The calendar is written by Aurora Georgijevic who has organized classes, retreats, workshops in tantra for over 18 years.