Pre-party & Drinking game

If you are planning to invite your friends to a party or have received an invitation to a pre-party, it is always smart to have a good party game that allows everyone to relax and get to know each other. Start the party with a simple game that will make everyone relax and have fun together.

Having a good party game that likes to include good reasons to get drunk and drink is always appreciated and liked when you want a good party feeling. We can promise a nice atmosphere and a really fun party if you buy party games from us.

When should you bring out the pre-party game? It's good to let everyone have a pre-drink or get to know each other before opening up a drinking game. Gather the gang in the living room, kitchen or wherever you can easily see and play with each other.

All our games are made here at Nangarra Games and we are proud to have the funniest, dirtiest and mischievous pre-party games in Sweden.

With us you will find games such as Jag harde aldig, Pest or kollera, Fyllekort, Pekleken and several other fun classic party games but with a twist.

What is the best pre-party game? Beer Pong, because it's simple rules and anyone can join in the game.

How do you organize a good party? Simple... Music, snacks and alcohol. The rest usually resolves itself.

So for those of you who feel ready for a new game this weekend, we have lots of party games that offer new, and at least as fun, challenges together with new or old friends.