Fitness Games

Fitness Poker is a card game with exercises for the gym, yoga, traveling or at home.

Exercising with the help of our deck is a simple and convenient way to get your daily exercise and at the same time learn new exercises. Fitness Poker is short for you who want to train your body.

Fitness Poker is a card game for you who love exercise or are looking for a perfect gift for a friend who loves the gym, the yoga studio or the crossfit box!
Fitness Poker suits all ages and training backgrounds. Challenge friends in Fitness Poker or use the cards as inspiration for your next workout. In the web app you can also find more ways to use the cards.

Bodyweight Fitness Poker
Deck with 46 different exercises you can do with limited access to equipment. Perfect for you on the go, at home or who just want to train with your weight as resistance.

Functional Fitness Poker
Deck with 26 different exercises adapted to Crossfit. You will find exercises such as Cleans, thrusters, kettlebell swings and other popular exercises. Play like Fitness Poker or build your own WOD.

Gym card deck
As a beginner or veteran at the gym, it's good to have access to classic exercises or find new exciting ways to work out. The deck is packed with 55 exercises for all muscle groups.

Yoga deck
50 different yoga poses for inspiration and help for the next yoga session at home. Use our web app to build ready-made routines or choose cards and build your own. Practical with names of exercises in both Sanskrit and Asana.

Combine cards from multiple decks, only your imagination sets the limit.