How much does it cost to make a board game? Prices and information for card games, board games.

Vad kostar det att tillverka ett brädspel? Priser och information för kortspel, brädspel.

How much does a board game cost?

It is difficult to say exactly how much it costs to make a board game because it depends on many factors such as the size and complexity of the game board and game pieces, the number of printed cards and rules, material costs for packaging and so on.

Here is a calculation example of making a party game:

price make game deck board game

  1. Box with own design: SEK 9
  2. Own design on 200 cards: SEK 8
  3. 4 jars of clay: SEK 12
  4. Simple rulebook on 4 pages: SEK 1
  5. Tokens / game markers: SEK 2

Total price without shipping and VAT: SEK 33

How much does a card game cost?

Price deck make china Making a card game is quite easy and a good start if you want to start making board games and board games. A standard 54-card deck is easy to redesign to your own needs and cheap because the technology has been around for a long time and there are many factories that manufacture decks.

In Sweden and Europe, a deck of cards with your own design on both the front, back and packaging costs around SEK 20 for editions of less than 500. It always gets cheaper the larger the edition you make, but it is difficult to get below SEK 10 per deck for editions of less than 5,000.

In China it is significantly cheaper but shipping takes longer, so you have to order well in advance. We at Nangarra Games have produced decks for many years and we can bring the prices down to SEK 7-9 even for small editions.

Here is an approximate price list of decks:

Sweden : SEK 20+ per deck
Europe : SEK 15 per deck
China : SEK 4-10 playing cards

If you need help with the production of your party game or card game , contact us here

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