Make your own board game - 5 important steps to consider

Tillverka eget brädspel - 5 viktiga steg att tänka på

How to make your own board game

Making and printing your own board game is something that many board game enthusiasts dream of. It may seem like a complicated process, but with the right tools and creativity, you can create a unique game that's fun to play and share with others. We at Nangarra Games can help you with everything from design to manufacturing if you need help. Here are some great tips to spark creativity for your new game.

5 Important steps to create your own board game

Step 1: Brainstorm game ideas

When you want to create your own party game, it is important to start with a good game idea. It can be simple or complicated, but the most important thing is that it is unique and fun. To help you on your way, we've collected some popular game ideas that can provide inspiration and help you get started with your creative process. Here are some popular games with interesting game mechanics you can take inspiration from.

  1. Risk is a board game where players compete for world domination by conquering territories and knocking out opponents. The game requires strategic thinking and is a classic among board games.

  1. Monopoly is a game where players try to build a real estate empire by buying, selling and renting out real estate. The game requires tactical thinking and is one of the most famous board games in the world.

  1. Catan is a strategic board game where players build a civilization on an island. The game requires cooperation and planning, and is a modern board game classic.

  1. Carcassonne is a board game where players build a medieval city. The game requires tactical thinking and is known for its beautiful playing fields and playing fields.

  1. Dixit is a creative card game where players try to describe a picture using words or phrases. The game requires imagination and creativity, and is a fun and unique gaming experience.

When you have a game idea, it's important to create a prototype to test the game and see how it works in practice. Sketching on paper is a simple and quick way to visualize the game plan and game idea. It can also be good to look for inspiration on the internet and study other games to get ideas. Once you have a basic idea and sketch on paper, you can then use programs like Photoshop or other similar programs to create a more detailed design and layout. This can help you get more ideas and see what the game will look like as a whole.

Step 2: Create the prototype

The next step is to create a prototype of your game. This can be done with simple materials such as paper and pencil or with digital tools. Another creative solution to making your first playable prototype is to use objects from other games. By combining elements from different games, you can create something completely unique and use it as a basis for your prototype.

Step 3: Test and evaluate the prototype

After you have created a prototype, it is important to test and evaluate the game. Play the game with friends and family and note their feedback. Use their opinions to improve the game and make it more fun and balanced.

Step 4: Create the final game

Once the prototype has been tested and improved, it's time to create the final game. You can do this yourself or by hiring a professional partner like us at Nangarra Games. We can help you with everything from design to manufacturing of your game. Be sure to have all necessary files, such as game plan, playing cards and rules, ready for printing. By being thorough and having everything ready before you send it to print, you can avoid any mistakes and ensure that your game turns out exactly how you want it.

Step 5: Press and promote the game

Once your board game is printed, it's time to market it and get it into the hands of potential players. This is the most important step for the future of your game and many people underestimate how difficult it can be to find resellers, suppliers and sell your game in your own channels. It is important to have a strategy for marketing and understanding your target audience.

Here it can be beneficial to collaborate with us at Nangarra Games as we have many contacts and opportunities to get the game out in stores. We can help you create a marketing strategy that suits your target audience and ensure that your game reaches as many gaming enthusiasts as possible. It is also important to have a plan for the sale of your game, both online and in stores.

We can help you find suitable resellers and work with you to ensure your product gets the attention it deserves. By having a strong marketing strategy, you can increase the chances of your game becoming a success and reaching a wide audience.

How much does it cost to create your own board game?

Creating your own board game can be an expensive process, especially if you only want to produce small quantities. The price also varies depending on how many different parts you have in your game. The more parts, the higher the cost.

If you want to manufacture larger quantities, the price per unit can be significantly reduced. Manufacturing in China is usually cheaper than manufacturing in the West, but there are still many factors that affect the price. It is important to do your research and compare different manufacturers to find the best quality at the best price.

Here is a good article that goes into the details of what it might cost to manufacture a board game in China. Please read on at this link to get more information and see prices: Manufacturing costs in China

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