Tantra practices for couples with our Couples Calendar

Tantra-övningar för par med vår Couples Calendar

Most of us long for deep, fulfilling relationships where we feel loved, fulfilled and safe. We long for real connection that is soul-deep and nurturing, where we can be ourselves without masks. It requires us to learn about intimacy.

Tantra exercises for couples - Meditation heart to heart

Today we will explore slot one in our Couples Calendar where you will get to try a guided meditation together with your partner. This is a great opportunity to deepen your connection and intimacy. By practicing mindfulness and presence together, you can experience increased closeness and presence in your relationship. We hope you will enjoy this exercise and that it will be helpful to both of you on your journey together. Don't forget to tag us in your posts and share your experiences!

Preparation for tantra exercises

When you are ready to explore this meditation together, take a moment to sit facing each other, on two chairs, or in a meditation position. Keep your back straight and hold each other's hands. Focus on your hearts and the love you feel for each other.

Once you've prepared, click the link to listen to the audio guide and explore this heart-to-heart meditation together.

More exercises with the tantra calendar “Couples Calendar - Deeper Connection”

Exploring tantra and intimacy with your partner can be an amazing journey of heightened presence and enhanced connection. If you liked the exercise in our calendar and want to continue your journey in tantra, we can highly recommend that you buy the entire calendar of exercises for couples.

Read more about the Couples Calendar here

This calendar contains 25 different exercises designed to strengthen your connection, deepen your relationship, and explore intimacy together in new ways. By continuing your journey within tantra, you can experience even more joy, closeness and satisfaction in your relationship.

Click here to purchase our entire calendar of exercises for couples and continue your journey together towards a more loving and intimate future!

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