The board game Generation Battle - The game for the whole family

Sällskapsspelet Generationskampen - Spelet för hela familjen

The generation battle is a family game where you compete against each other to see who knows the most about all generations.

If you love to play party games together with your family or relatives, Generation Battle is a new board game that allows everyone to spend time together during Christmas, holidays or for evenings at home.

The generation battle is created by Nangarra Games and went on sale in 2022.
The board game has become popular very quickly because it is simple, fun and enjoyable to play.

This year's family game 2022 Generation Battle

The board game Generation Battle can be purchased here.

How much does the Generation Battle cost?
The game costs between SEK 339-449.

How many questions does Generation Kampen have?
800 questions + lots of digital challenges.

What age is suitable for the Generation Battle?
We recommend 10+ years to play Generation Battle.

Is the Generation Battle a good game?
Generation battle is a very popular and fun board game.

Who created the Generation Battle?
The Swedish gaming company Nangarra Games has created the game.

Buy the game Generation Battle here

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