Fun Party Games for Adults and Kids 2023 - Top 10 Games to Play Together

Roliga sällskapsspel för vuxna och barn 2023 - Topp 10 spel att spela tillsammans

Playing board games is a popular and fun activity when spending time with friends, family and acquaintances. Today there are many different types of party games and it can include everything from board games, quiz games and party games to card games and dice games. That's why we want to help you get it right and have therefore produced a top list with tips on the best party games 2023. This list consists of a mix of all the categories mentioned above, so that you can find the most fun party games of the year for you and your friends or family.

Top list best party games 2023 adults and children

Here you can read more about the board games that we think are the funnest and best for both adults and children. It's a mix of simpler party games for those who may not have played much before, to more complex games for those who are more experienced. Read on to find the game that suits you and your party best!

1. Sushi GO!

This intense and fast-paced game, without any doubts, takes its place on the top list of fun party games for both adults and children. Here you are sitting in a restaurant eating sushi and trying to snag the best combinations of sushi dishes as they rush past you. You collect points by collecting the most dishes such as rolls or sashimi. But be on your guard. The card you pass may be exactly the suit your opponent needs to win.

Number of players: 2-5
Recommended age: 8+
Time per round: approx. 15 min

2. Ticket to ride

Ticket to Ride is truly a great party game for the whole family. The game involves the participants collecting different train cards to build railways across several continents. The longer distance you can build and travel, the more points you collect. But to win you have to be smart and strategic. Should one invest in building as long a railway as possible or is it better to try to prevent one's opponents from building their railways? In Ticket to Ride, it's a balancing act between collecting points and preventing your opponents from doing the same. It's really a fun game where the one with the best tactics and strategy is the winner in the end.

Number of players: 2-5
Recommended age: 8+
Time per round: approx. 30-60 min

3. The summer shadow

"The Summer Hunt" is an exciting party game for both adults and children where one of the players becomes the Summer Shadow. The game is about catching the Summer Shadow before it manages to run off the board and win the game. The other players chase the Summer Shadow and can gain extra speed by completing various missions, while the Summer Shadow can delay the hunt by dropping shadow slime. The tasks in the game can be solved together by several players, making the game a fun and challenging activity for the whole family. Try the "Summer Hunt" today and experience the thrill with your friends and family!

Number of players: 2-6
Recommended age: 84+
Time per round: approx. 30 min

4 . The Lost Diamond Retro

Go on an exciting treasure hunt for the world's largest diamond, the Star of Africa, with the classic game "The Lost Diamond" from Alga. With its retro cover, the game gives a nostalgic feel and has been a favorite for over 50 years, spanning several generations. The game takes players on a perilous journey from Cairo or Tangier, and can lead them anywhere on the African continent. Find clues, solve puzzles and avoid dangers to reach the diamond first. "The missing diamond" is an exciting and challenging treasure hunt for both adults and children. So gather your friends and family and go on an adventure!

Number of players: 2-5
Recommended age: 6+
Time per round: approx. 30-60 min

5. Young brat

Rackarunge is the quirky little sister of the popular game Rackare! In each round, one player lays out a white card and the other players fill in with their funniest black cards. Whoever laid out the white card then chooses the funnest combination and points are awarded. The game continues until some player has reached ten points and wins the game. Rackarunge is a fun and simple activity for both adults and children, which is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Number of players: 3-20
Recommended age: 6+
Time per round: approx. 60 min

6. Opposite the pocket game

The reverse game from Kylskåppoesi is a quirky and fun activity where you always have to answer wrong! The game involves saying "Yes" instead of "No" and "No" instead of "Yes". It is important to be quick and have a good grasp of what is right and wrong. Can dogs play guitar? Do elephants poop strawberries? And the ears sit on the stomach? With 500 fun questions, the crossword game is a favorite among children and is perfect to take with you on car journeys or on holiday. Challenge your friends and see who can get the most correct in a row! The reversal game from Kylskåppoesi guarantees laughter and a fun time for the whole family.

Number of players: 2-6
Recommended age: 5+
Time per round: approx. 40 min

  1. Photo Fish

Foto Fish is an innovative and fun game that usually brings a lot of laughter and joy to the children. The game involves all players simultaneously finding a randomly selected combination of fish and catching them in their "camera" first. There is a competitive aspect to the game and you have to be quick and find the right fish. Foto Fish is an innovative game where each player has a game plan and a camera. The fish are selected using two fish dice and each round won gives players the opportunity to build up their fish, which acts as a score meter. Difficulty can be selected in several ways, including by using the easier or harder side of the playing field and by using a smaller or larger camera.

Foto Fish is a cute and fun children's game that is also fun for adults to play together with the children. It's easy to get started and a round goes by quickly, making it a perfect game for a quick and entertaining activity.

Number of players: 2-4
Recommended age: 4+
Time per round: approx. 30-60 min

  1. The generational struggle

Generation Battle is a fun and challenging game that challenges players from four different generations to show which generation is the most well-read when it comes to music, movies, popular culture, news and more. The game has become incredibly popular on social media and was even sold out in 2022!

One of the unique features of the Generation Battle is its digital challenges. The players can listen to music and watch videos and answer directly on the mobile without having to download any app. It works directly in the browser!

The game is perfect for inviting the whole family, regardless of age, and see which generation has the most knowledge. It's a fun activity that can bring generations together and create lots of laughs and memories.

Number of players: 2-20
Recommended age: 10+
Time per round: approx. 30-60 min

9. Do you really know your family?

"Do You Really Know Your Family" is a fun and fast-paced party game that is full of entertaining questions and silly challenges to help you and your family get to know each other better and have fun at the same time. It's a game suitable for parents, grandparents and children alike, with challenges suitable for all ages.

The game is designed to promote family time and cooperation, with questions and challenges that are both fun and entertaining. You get an insight into how your family members think and see themselves, while you spend time together.

"Do You Really Know Your Family" is filled with challenges suitable for all ages, making it a great way to have fun together as a family. We believe it's important to socialize and have fun together as a family, and this game is the perfect way to do just that. With a delightful mix of entertaining questions and silly challenges, you and your family will get to see if you really know each other or if there are any surprises you didn't know about!

Number of players: 2-10
Recommended age: 7+
Time per round: approx. 30-60 min

10. Simple words

Simple Words is a competitive game where you have to guess words by giving clues with single syllables. Instead of saying "Dinosaur" you would say something like "big animal, long ago, eat me". But if you fail and use too big a word like "stone age", you risk getting a mallet hit on the head by your opponents and lose your points.

The game is simple to play and the goal is to collect 15 tokens to win. The chosen caveman takes a token from the bag and then tries to get his teammates to guess the word before the hourglass runs out or rules are broken.

What makes Simple Words unique is the inflatable mallet used to punish players who make mistakes. It's a fun twist that makes the game even more entertaining and exciting for all participants.

Simple Words is a perfect game for an evening with friends and family. It's easy to learn and play, and the inflatable club makes it even more fun and interactive

Number of players: 2-10
Recommended age: 10+
Time per round: approx. 30-60 min

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