From idea to finished game: Your guide to printing your own playing cards and board games

Från idé till färdigt spel: Din guide till att trycka egna spelkort och brädspel

Print your own playing cards or board games with us

deck packaging

Creating and printing your own playing cards and board games can be both fun and rewarding. Join us in this article as we walk through everything you need to know to make your own deck and board game, as well as how much it might cost.

How much does it cost to print playing cards?

There are many factors that affect the price when you want to print a deck . Among other things, number of cards, paper quality and surface treatment. In general, the price can vary greatly depending on your specifications and wishes. It is always best to contact us for a quote on your project.

Prices playing cards with own design

As for prices for printing decks, it can vary depending on the edition and desired specifications. If you print several thousand decks, the price can come down to as low as SEK 6-7 per deck. For smaller editions, you can expect the price to be between SEK 10-18 per deck.

It is important to note that the normal price for a deck of cards in a store is around SEK 99. This means that there is good earning potential for those who print their own decks, especially if you can keep production costs down and offer a unique and attractive design.

Playing cards_press
A deck of cards on a "plate". Last chance to check so there are no errors.

How do you make your own deck?

Follow these steps to create your own deck :

  1. Collect ideas and inspiration. Start by gathering ideas for designs, themes and concepts.
  2. Create a design template. Use our templates to create your own design template.
  3. Design the cards. Use your favorite graphics software to create unique illustrations, images and texts.
  4. Prepare for pressure. Check that all files are in the correct format and resolution.
  5. Contact Us. Send us your files and explain your wishes regarding paper quality, surface treatment and any special details.

Print board games and party games

If you want to create your own party game , you follow similar steps as when creating a deck:

  1. Collect ideas and inspiration. Think about the type of game you want to create and which game mechanics are best suited.
  2. Design the game. Create the board, cards, pieces and any other components.
  3. Test the game. Play the game with friends and family to get feedback and adjust the rules and design as needed.
  4. Prepare for pressure

How much does it cost to print a board game?

Making a board game is a complex process that requires careful planning and budgeting. The cost of producing a board game usually depends on the number of parts and components included in the game. A normal game set with cards, board, dice, hour glass and simple figures costs around SEK 40-55 to manufacture per game when you manufacture 5000 games. But the cost does not necessarily decrease when you increase the volume of manufacturing.

Small editions - 500 games or less

For smaller volumes of 500 games, costs may be higher but still profitable. To get an idea of ​​the costs of making a more advanced game than the example above, one can easily check the prices of game accessories on Alibaba.

Read here if you want to see an example of one of our costed games with pictures and prices:

Step by step: What our own game cost to make in China - Nangarra Games shares their experiences

To help with printing games or answer questions about prizes, Nangarra Games is on hand. With their expertise and experience, they can help you produce a high-quality board game that suits your specific needs.

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