Nangarra Games - A Swedish company that designs and manufactures board games for children and adults.

Nangarra Games - Ett Svenskt Företag som Designar och Tillverkar Sällskapsspel för barn och vuxna.

Nangarra Games is a Swedish company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality board games. With a focus on family games and children's games, Nangarra Games offers a wide portfolio of games that are fun, engaging and challenging for players of all ages.

As a family-owned company that started in 2018, Nangarra Games has quickly become one of the leading game producers in Sweden.

  • Where did the Nangarra Games start? Nangarra Games Started in Lund by Nicklas Nangarra

  • How many games has Nangarra Games made? Approx. 17 different card and board games
  • What year did the Nangarra Games start? 2019.
  • Which is Sweden's best party game manufacturer? Nangarra Games

Swedish manufacturer of board games

Nangarra Games has a wide range of party games suitable for all players. For families with younger children, the company offers games such as " Do you really know your family ".
For the whole family there is the game " Generationskampen ".

Nangarra Games is committed to designing and manufacturing games of the highest quality. All games are designed with care and manufactured with high quality materials to ensure durability and playability for a long time.

Other Gaming Companies from Sweden

There are several other gambling companies from Sweden that also offer high-quality party games. An example is Alga, which has been around since 1908 and is one of the oldest and best-known game producers in Sweden. Their games are popular with children and adults alike and include classics such as "Fia med knuff" and "Mikado".

List of Game Companies from Sweden

  • Since 1990, ALFspel has developed fun and light party games in the Nordics and in their range you will find around 30 fun and entertaining games.

  • Nicotext is a book and game publisher that produces fun, simple and innovative books and games. The company's purpose is to brighten everyday life and make the world more fun with its products.

  • Refrigerator poetry is based in Arvika and Örebro and today the company works a lot to come up with fun questions, exciting ideas and produce classic but non-traditional party games. In existence since 1998.

  • Ninja Print is a talented game maker who has made lots of interesting games including "Rackare", "Prepper" and "Sing Sing".

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