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Simple words Games for the family

Simple word game Simple Words is a really fun board game for anyone who enjoyed "in other words" but wants even more fun. The game involves you describing common objects or words with extremely simple words like a caveman would.

Simple words - the funnest game of the year 2023

Simple words has become the funnest game of the summer and is the funnest family game of the year 2023. This new, Swedish board game has quickly become a favorite among players of all ages.

Simple Words is perfect for couple dinners or game nights with friends and family. The game is simple to understand yet challenging enough to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

You get an inflatable club and you use it to punish your fellow players if they make mistakes. In the game, you guess words by giving clues with single syllables. Instead of saying "Bicycle" you would say something like "two wheels, two feet, simple thing".

If you fail and use a big word like "stomp", the second layer gets to hit you on the head with the club and you lose your points. The goal of the game is to collect 15 tokens and win.
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The chosen caveman wins points in the game by taking a token from the bag and trying to get his teammates to guess the word before the hourglass runs out or if they happen to break a rule.

So gather your friends and family and get ready for a really fun game night with Simple Words!

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Simple Words is developed by the game development company Nangarra Games, who are also known for their popular games "Generation Battle" and "Do You Really Know Your Family?".

Nangarra Games has a reputation for creating games that are fun, entertaining and challenging for players of all ages. In Simple Words, they've done it again, creating a game that's perfect for families and friends to play together.

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