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Snuskiga förfestspel och festspel - Spela roliga och utmanande kortspel med vänner

Pre-party games are a popular activity among friends and groups going out to party. Playing pre-party games before going out to the pub or nightclub can really help set the mood and ease the tension. It provides an opportunity to get to know new people and open up new conversations, which can create memories that last a lifetime. Nangarra Games has pre-party games that are both fun and dirty, a perfect combo when you want to liven up the mood at the pre-party.

dirty questions party

The most popular pre-party games 2023: Here are our top 3 recommendations

dirty questions party

  1. I've never - The classic version of this game involves players saying "I've never" followed by something they've never done. Those who have actually done it drink. There are also many variations of the game, such as "I never have xxx version" or "where the questions are more focused on the dirty and festive.
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  1. Point Deck - In this game, each player places a hand on the deck and whoever draws the highest card decides what the other players will do. It can include drinking, giving away clothes, or completing another challenge. A dirty variation of this game is often called "Pekleken XXX".
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  1. Fill Cards - In this game, players draw cards that contain a challenge or a rule that everyone must follow. It can include things like taking a shot, changing clothes or rules like not going to the toilet.. You can buy the game here

Nangarra Games: We are experts in pre-party games in Sweden.

dirty questions party

Nangarra Games is a party game maker known for their fun and challenging pre-party games. We are proud that our games are highly rated and loved by players of all ages all year round. With a wide range of exciting games to suit all tastes and personalities, Nangarra Games is the obvious choice to raise the mood at the pre-party.

We have a great selection of games that are both fun and dirty, with questions and challenges that are guaranteed to make everyone laugh and have fun. Our games are a perfect icebreaker for meeting new people and opening up new conversations, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Drunk cards - One of the most popular pre-party games in 2022

Are you ready for a wild and fun pre-party? Then we have the game for you! Welcome to Fyllekort XXX - the ultimate party game that will keep you and your friends entertained all night long.

The cards contain a variety of fun challenges and games, where those who disobey will get to drink (the best punishment, right?). Challenge your friends to do a somersault or drink two sips - the choice is yours! It's easy to play but harder to stay sober.

Fyllekort XXX is perfect for pre-parties or other social events where you want to raise the mood and create memorable moments. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned party planner, these cards will really get the party started.

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