Do you really know your family - a new and exciting game about your family!

Kender du virkelig din familie - et nyt og spændende spil om din familie!

"Do you really know your family" - a new and exciting game about your family!

Do you really know your family?

Spending time together as a family is important, but it can be difficult to find board games that suit both children and adults. This is where our new board arrow "Do you really know your family" comes into the picture.

The game is designed to help family members get to know each other better by asking questions and challenging each other in different ways. The questions are designed to make you think and can lead to discussions about everything from personal preferences to life philosophy and values. There are over 100 questions in the game and 50 challenges.
Challenges can range from who can imitate a snake best to who can do the most push-ups. All challenges are designed to be fun and challenging, while promoting collaboration and communication.

Questions from the game "Do you really know your family":

  • What adventures would I like to try?
  • What do I complain about the most?
  • What is my favorite fruit?
  • Which animal scares me the most?

Challenges from the game "Do you really know your family":

  • Who can imitate a snake best? Everyone gets the chance to show their skills on the floor. You are the judge, and whoever you think has done the best gets the card.
  • Paper flight! Choose one person to fold a paper airplane, and then everyone competes to throw it the farthest. Whoever wins keeps the card.
  • Who can lick the nose? Compete to see who can get closest to their nose with their tongue. The winner keeps the card.
  • Who can make the funniest farts with their mouths? Everyone gets 2 attempts, then you vote on who did it best. The winner gets the card.
  • Who can do the most push-ups? Set the clock to a minute and see who can make the most. The winner keeps the card.

Game rules for "Do you really know your family":

The game consists of taking cards from the pile in shifts, the youngest person starts. Depending on the type of card that is drawn, the rules are followed to determine who gets or keeps the card. The goal is to collect 15 cards, and the first person to achieve this wins the game.

5 good reasons to buy the game "Do you really know your family":

  1. Promotes family bonds - Brætspil is an excellent way to spend quality time together as a family. It can contribute to increasing togetherness and strengthening family ties by having fun together and getting to know each other better. Perfect for grandparents to get to know their grandchildren better.

  1. Improves communication and collaboration - Brætspil encourages communication and collaboration between children, adults and grandparents. It can help improve communication skills and learn to work together as a family.

  1. Reduces screen time - Another positive aspect of board arrows is that they can reduce screen time. Playing games together as a family is a good way to replace screen time with something more interactive and social.

  1. Learning - Contains challenges and questions that can help to learn new things about each other. It can be a fun and interactive way of learning for both adults and children and your different values.

  1. Available for all ages - It can help reduce the gap between generations and create a sense of unity within the family. Finally, everyone in the family can play darts.

Where can you buy the game "Do you really know your family"?

You can buy "Do you really know your family" board darts from us. Click here to buy.

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