How do you make your own party game? - Guide on how to make your own card game or board game

Hur gör man ett eget sällskapsspel? - Guide på hur man tillverkar ett eget kortspel eller brädspel

How do you make your own party game?

If you have a good idea for a card game or board game but need guidance through all the steps, you've come to the right place. In this guide from us at Nangarra Games, we will go through all the steps you need to make your own game, with or without our help.

Here is a list of important parts in the development of your new game that you need to think about.

  1. Game idea and concept : You need to have an idea or concept for your new game that feels fun or interesting to play. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel, it is also possible to make a "twist" on a game that is already on the market but improve or renew it.

  2. Rules and game mechanics: You need to have a good understanding of how the game works and which rules apply. It is also good to take inspiration from other games that have managed to find a good system. Try to keep it simple, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to read or understand the rules of your new game.

  3. Graphic design : You need a good tool to create graphics for the game, preferably digitally. We recommend using Illustrator or Photoshop to design your game and come up with the first ideas of how it should look.

    We also recommend taking inspiration from other games and using services such as P interest and to download graphic resources that facilitate the work.

    The resolution should be at least 300 DPI in Photoshop, if you work with vector images you don't need to think about this.

    You will also receive a template from the printer or us where you can see which surfaces you can design on the packaging, deck, etc.

    But it can be good to start designing some ideas and then adapt them to the templates.

  4. Production: When it's time for production, we will first go through that everything looks right and the design is right on the templates. Now it is also important to review all texts, barcodes and designs so that it is collated and ready to be printed. Usually it takes approx. 30 days for production.
  5. Transport: Depending on where the game is produced, it takes different time to get it home to Sweden. If you choose to manufacture in China, it takes approx. 45 days on the lake. Sea shipping is usually cheap and it doesn't cost many 1000s to get the games home.

  6. Marketing: Before the game is ready, it is already a good idea to think about who will play your game. If you have a clear picture of who your target group is, this will make it easier when you start your marketing.

    We are also experts here at Nangarra Games and have a large network of stores and e-retailers that can help you reach out with your game.

    It's also a good idea to think about where your target audience for the game is and how you can reach them. You can use collaborations, advertisements or talk directly to stores or companies that would be suitable to sell your product.

  7. Warehouse, third-party logistics or wholesale only: There are also several different ways to sell your game. Will you start an online shop and sell from home or will you sell directly to other stores and companies? It is also good to think about how you will store and possibly transport your games to your customers.

In the next article, we will go through how much it costs to produce a game. You can find it here:

If you need help with the production of your new game, please contact us here

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